Real Sic creates unique, parody accessories for dedicated fans. Artistically, we like to play with scale, which is why we primarily focus on limited run lapel pins. With the world becoming more fragmented, pins are a great medium to express individuality and find other like-minded people. They’re also hilarious because they’re tiny with exquisite detail.

We strive to be highly interactive and operate in a lean, direct-to-consumer manner that keeps costs low and creative output high. We are a new company and hope to expand beyond pins into more unique products. We want lots of input over social media and this site so we can give the people what they want!

How it works (how to get the best deal)

Production currently runs on a 1-month cycle. About every 30 days, a new pin design is produced. As new ideas are added to the queue, we will offer pre-orders. This is the cheapest way to order a pin. If 50 pins are pre-ordered, that item “jumps the queue” and is put into production immediately. Runs are typically 200 pins each. Once the pins are available, the price goes up by a dollar. Pin cost may also rise between runs, depending on demand.