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Picasso Weeping Woman – Cubist, Limited Edition Art Pin


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Product Description

Limited Run Art Pin

This soft enamel, double post art pin has exposed metal and soft enamel. Dramatic, cubist lines and vibrant, contrasting colors and depth with exposed metal and enamel will make this a pin that will stand out on any board, hat or shirt.

Few pins have art historical reference. Get this sick, limited edition pin before they sell out. Run of 100, laser numbered and stamped “First Run” on the back.

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From Wikipedia

The Weeping Woman series is regarded as a thematic continuation of the tragedy depicted in Picasso’s epic painting Guernica. In focusing on the image of a woman crying, the artist was no longer painting the effects of the Spanish Civil War directly, but rather referring to a singular universal image of suffering.

The model for the painting, indeed for the entire series, was Dora Maar, who was working as a professional photographer when Picasso met her in 1936; she was the only photographer allowed to document the successive stages of Guernica while Picasso painted it in 1937.

Concept Art

Picasso Weeping woman concept


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