Young Rick – Rick and Morty enamel pin

Young Rick Sanchez – Rick & Morty Enamel Pin


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Product Description

“I wore blue pants back then.” – Rick Sanchez, in a false simulation of his own memory

Season 3 is here! We’re so excited and have a lot of big things planned, but while we wait for new episodes, we decided to remix one of our best sellers, Tiny Rick. This is Young Rick, like Tiny Rick, but with blue pants.

  • 1.5” Tall, soft enamel
  • Double-posted with deluxe locking clasps
  • Grab it with a matching teleporter gun
  • May be discontinued after this single run
  • It’s Young Rick!

These Young Ricks turned out great and ship with a free sticker. Grab yours!

Not in any way licensed or endorsed by the creators of Rick & Morty.


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